So, it’s been awhile 

I haven’t written anything this year so far and that’s because there hasn’t been much to tell. It’s too hot to hike in Perth in the summer, sometimes it’s so hot you don’t want to walk to the bus stop! There is also a real danger of bush fires, these have been bad in the […]

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Waitakere Dam

My friend Jacqui and I decided to scrap the plan for hiking the Cape Brett Track. I felt like I was running out of time to see people and the weather forecast wasn’t great. Instead we did other fun outdoors things, spent a day at the beach and went for a short hike around Waitakere […]

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Getting my gear into NZ 

I’m in New Zealand! I arrived last night in time for a lovely traditional family dinner, for my family that means we were up till nearly 2am drinking all the wine in the house!  I started my transition into this timezone well with passing out at what would be 9pm in Perth. Getting into NZ […]

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A bit of an update…

So what’s been happening since my last blog? Everything and nothing. I have only managed one small hike, it was the week after Oxfam and I had itchy feet to get back on the trail. I was puppy sitting so I put the dog in the car and off we went. It felt good being […]

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